Since our partnership was formed, way back in 1989,

The Concentrium has always been about two things: dramatic storytelling and great design. Story + Art. That’s the sweet spot

for us—the perfect equation, our reason to be.

Mike is a graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, and maker of all manner of cool things. He is a commercial artist by day, with over 27 years of experience creating dynamic artwork that communicates complex concepts to an ever-distracted public.

"I approach my work as if I were telling a story to an audience, presenting ideas
in a clear and concise manner, but always keeping my eye on what is
aesthetically pleasing."

Mike Iverson

Arvin is a writer, graphic designer, website builder, and an all-around creative force of nature. He is the author of too many comic books to list, as well as the more recent prose work: In a Flash, A New World, and the Vigil novella series.

“Ask yourself what’s the core idea of the thing you’re trying to present. Once you’ve figured that out, you’d be surprised how easy the rest of the process becomes.”

Arvin Loudermilk

White line cartoon of man in glasses and shop apron reading book.
White line cartoon of bearded man in shop apron holding the letter D and hammer over a saw horse.

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