Logo for Author Arvin Loudermilk

The clean, slab-serif font reflects this writer's sensibilities and no-nonsense style. The quotation marks represent dialogue, the essence of all narrative fiction.

Arvin Loudermilk portrait, black and white graphic style with grey mid-tones.
FAcebook page screen capture of showing Arvin Loudermilk branded graphics
Arvin Loudermilk portrait incorporated into a Tumblr blog header.
Arvin Loudermilk Twitter header. Red and black graphic background with white V and circle. Author's graphic portrait in the corner.

Author Portrait

Social Media Pages

Rather than having a traditional photograph taken, Arvin wanted something more distinctive that would mesh with the spare graphics of his website.

The distinctive portrait and color usage helps to reinforce the brand across various social networking sites. Pictured are Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, respectively.