Light and dark color chip pairs establishing an official color palette for Fierce Monkey Tribe product.
Fierce Monkey Tribe logo. Dark green keyhole shape with distressed edges. White name with image of monkey typing.

Fierce Monkey Tribe Logo

The logo playfully shows the writing process as a cycle. The keyhole shape implies a gateway to new knowledge.

FMT Official Color Palette

The bright, fun colors of the website are part of the overall brand. Each bright background color has a corresponding dark shade for typographical elements.


A two-tone jungle background and custom graphic monkey illustrations are used to keep the mood light and fun.

Edge treatment

All images and panels are masked with a primitive-looking edging.

Abbreviated logo

A secondary logo was generated for instances where space was limited or the full name did not need to be repeated.

Fierce Monkey Tribe jungle pattern background. Light green palm fronds over darker green background.
Sample book cover with primitive-style notched edge treatment.
Black graphic monkey illustrations.
Fierce Monkey Tribe monogram logo. FMT in brown rounded font merging with monkey reading book.