Collateral materials refer to anything made to support sales or to promote an individual product. To be effective, there needs to be the right balance of information and appealing imagery.

When you promote your book at a fair or signing, you might need some take-home pieces that can continue to publicize your work long after the event has ended. Business cards, flyers, bookmarks, posters, and t-shirts are only a few of the possibilities you can use to promote your work.

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How does the design process work?

If you have an existing logo, we'll design the requested piece to complement that, and incorporate any supplied text. Once you've reviewed and approved the layout, we'll format it for your printer and supply you with print-ready artwork.

If you don't have a logo or established graphic ‘look,’ you may want to consider developing a brand while we work on any collateral pieces. You'll get a price break on both!

Can you print my cards, flyers, posters, etc?

We're not printers, but we work with lots of great ones. We can get multiple estimates for you and work directly with the printer during the production process, advising you along the way.

If you have a local printer that you like using, we're happy to work with them as well.

We're committed to seeing that all your pieces turn out great!

How much does it cost?

Business Card Design: prices start at $75.

Flyer/Bookmark Design: prices start at $100.

Poster Design: prices starts at $150.

Prices cover design services only, not printing.


Every project is unique. For a personalized estimate, drop us a line through our contact form.

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