Book cover of "Vigil". White, distressed type over a graphic woman's face with red eyes. A blood pool is overlaying her mouth.

Vigil by Arvin Loudermilk

This book collects all the individual Vigil novellas. The same font and graphic approach was used to tie into the previous books but we decided that the direct, piercing gaze of the main character was a fitting representation of the series.

Vigil full cover

Artwork can shift on-press as much as 1/8" in the best conditions. A full wrap-around cover prevents the hard edge of a spine's graphics rolling over to the front,  which just looks sloppy.

Vigil master artwork

The cover art was produced at the highest resolution possible so that it could be used for promotional purposes and to "future-proof" it for new technology.

Vigil icons

Careful consideration went into the proper sizing and cropping of the art for promotion on other sites.