The book cover is the first communication you have with a potential reader. It must convey genre, mood, concept, and emotion. In a split second, this single all-important image will determine whether someone wants to read your book or not.

Get noticed!

While your book might very well appear on your local bookstore shelf, the reality is that more and more customers will be seeing your cover as a tiny thumbnail image next to everything else that has come up in their search.

The graphics on your cover have to be carefully crafted to still have an impact at postage stamp sizes, or smaller. Will your cover stand out at that size or get overlooked?

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We'll start with a conversation to learn about your book, you as an author, as well as what audience you're attempting to reach. This information is further expanded with research into similar publications to see what everyone else is doing, both the good and the bad.

Since the cover plays such an important role in attracting readers, we'll first work on 3-5 concepts to find a direction that perfectly represents your project. The best concept will then be refined and converted into finalized artwork.

We'll send you a digital proof for your review. Once everything looks perfect, we'll prepare your cover for printing and send you a file built to the specs of your printer of choice. We'll also send you images of the cover for promoting your book on your website, blog, Facebook, or anywhere else you want to show off your new work!

How does the design process work?

Absolutely! With the obvious exception of an e-book, the front cover, spine, and back cover all work together. If it's appropriate, graphics or images can extend from the front cover around to the back for a cohesive presentation.

If you love books, you're probably also a collector. You want the book to look great on a shelf, especially if it's part of a series. The spine has to do a lot in not a whole lot of space, so we make sure it stands out and does so with style, clarity, and efficiency.

The back cover can do some heavy lifting as well. In stores, it can help ‘close the sale’ once a potential reader flips it over to see what it's about. You don’t want your book to be put back on the shelf!

Does this include the spine and back cover?

How much does it cost?

Cover Design: a full-color digital and print-ready file, available in any image format.  Prices start at $550.

Complete Book Package: print edition,  e-book edition, and cover.
Discounted prices start at $1500.


Every project is unique. For a personalized estimate, drop us a line through our contact form.

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