It's not enough to just write your book and wait for readers to find it anymore. Today's authors need to promote their work to as many people as possible, and there's no better way to do this than on your own website.

While there are many ways to establish a presence online, your own website gives
you the most options for building a brand and controlling the visitor's experience.

Author websites are the ideal way for people to find out more information about your books, in far more detail than they ever could on Facebook or Twitter. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) assistance we can provide makes sure your name/page comes up as early as possible in a Google search, which is sometimes a tricky thing to pull off.

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How does the design process work?

We'll start with a conversation to learn about your book, you as an author, as well as what audience you're attempting to reach. This information is further expanded with research into similar sites to see what everyone else is doing, both the good and the bad.

We'll design 2-3 site layouts for your review, and based on your feedback, generate a few test pages for the selected layout.

Once you've approved the test, we'll build the other pages. A final online review is held, and then we publish your site for the whole world to admire!

What if I need to update my site later?

Depending on how the site is built, you might be able to update or change text yourself. Adding sections or pages are charged at a reasonable production rate. A new page might cost $40-80 to produce while simple copy changes can be made in a matter of minutes. We'll always give you an estimate of what it will take before any work is done.

How much does a website cost?

Basic Author Site: homepage, about page, books page, contact page. Prices start at $2000.


Every project is unique. For a personalized estimate, drop us a line through our contact form.

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